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A Road So Dark: A Fading Suns Shard €3,55
Publisher: Ulisses Spiele
by Ron M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/31/2012 13:23:32

I decided to run this adventure for my group as a one shot, although I already figured it would run longer than the 4 hours I had to run it. I read through it and found it to be very simple, clear and full of potential but was not overwhelmed by it. In many cases, when I read an adventure that is like this, I end up totally changing it and adding stuff to it that sometimes changes the total feel of the adventure. I did not do that to this one. I tried to subtly come up with ways to enhance it. I felt that the adventure started out a little too slow and needed a little spice in the beginning. The nice thing is that throughout the adventure, there are subtle hints towards ways you can spice it up. I think that was intentional.

My group (who had never played in this setting before) really grasp the feeling of the setting and this adventure exemplifies a lot of the setting’s core concepts. I was really concerned that even with my subtle changes, the adventure would be too slow for my group. As it turned out, they had a blast. Even though I did not get to the end, I do like the way the adventure ends and gives the GM opportunity to jump off into a campaign. I had actually planned not to go to the complete ending but stop just before the very end to leave the possibility for a campaign based on the quest of the adventure (the search for a Nightroad Jumpgate key).

My only complaint with this adventure is the beginning, which is fairly slow. But slowness is a very relative thing, different from one game group to another. What I like about it is that it can be customizable without changing the core storyline, and the writer lays enough hints and ideas to help you along that way.

Full disclosure – I did not run this with the base Victory Point system. I used True20. So I cannot comment on the stats of the adventure, but I did like the flavor text for all the NPCs. I usually skip that but for some reason I did not this time. There is a lot of little ideas you can draw from just that text, so I highly recommend reading that as well, even if you don’t use the stats.

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A Road So Dark: A Fading Suns Shard
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