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Fading Suns: d20 Character Codex
Publisher: Ulisses Spiele
by John G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/01/2005 17:22:55

Anyone who's read my review of the d20 FS core rulebook will know I love this system ... I think it helps this setting come into its own. You get some excellent prestige classes--the True Knight and the Manifest Light Commando are particularly interesting. New equipment and new feats help round out the package (ready to fly some Marauder armor?). The art is consistent and of good quality (mostly B & W). For those of you who like the setting, there is plenty of material to flesh it out even more ... one of the final sections includes "Day in the Life" stories for several different character types. All in all, a great addition to the FS d20 core book. I got more than enough information, and didn't feel like I needed to go scrambling for more supplements.

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Fading Suns: d20 Character Codex
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