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The Dark Eye - Core Rules €17,78
Publisher: Ulisses Spiele
by Mark M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/30/2016 12:15:36

First of all this is the first time that Ive seen The Dark Eye in print or PDF format available to me. Ive played the game and seen a few games with this system, and thought they were fun.

The book is decently organized. I say this because the character generation system needs a better chapter.

  1. This is a points based system, there is no single table that will help you spend said points.
  2. Character sheets are 4 pages long or more if your a spell caster.
  3. Though the system, rolling checks, combat etc is realistic, and rather easy...character generation can take an immense amount of time.

The combat system and advanced rules system is very well organized and easy to follow, but again to spread out. Everything in the book, seems to me at least, to spread out.

That all being said, the system itself can be very smooth. With the right print outs at hand all the options are readily available and easily understood.

I like the mostly realistic view on combat, spell casting and so on. Even though it has a very much HP type DnD system, you lose ability to act as you lose Life Points.

Casting religious magic gives you negatives for other things, but positives for continuing to use religious magic. I just wish they had the same thing for arcane magic.

There are maybe 3 or 4 demons in the book, a horse, a cat and a few animals. That is particularly sad to see, there is not even ONE bad guy to use. There are no monsters really listed and this makes it so that if you just have this one book you have to make up everything on your own.

So to conclude I like the system, I like the magic and the advanced rules and such.

BUT theres to little here to actually run the game without a huge amount of work by the DM. And a huge learning curve by players to just make characters.

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The Dark Eye - Core Rules
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