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The Dark Eye - The Blue Tome (Theater Knights II) €8,22
Publisher: Ulisses Spiele
by Pelle A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/29/2020 21:52:21

Pretty new to this game, but 40+ years of RPG gaming and DM'ing I have seen a lot. I feel like the dark eye 5e is a fun "new system". Point buy like GURPS, which I like - no 3d6 and live with it. There is a lot of additional and foundational material out there, but mostly in German, which I and google struggle with. The Theatre Knights Aventure path has a lot's of interesting angles and plots, names, locations, and history. Unfortunately, it is more of an idea to an adventure based on a world that you have little insight to. This is not an adventure you pick up and play. There is a LOT of work to prepare to run these adventures. There always is prep time for DM'ing, but this is at another level – many hours per gaming session. Scrambled, missing, repetitive, contradicting, useful, useless, fun, interesting, half-told, badly translated, probably anecdotal information is hidden is throughout book if you have the time to write your adventure from this book of information. Fantastic art and ideas! The main irritant is that the information is completely scrambled. The story is interspersed with stat blocks, character descriptions, and anecdotal information from another time. To read a scene to the player you must piece info from across the adventure, the adventure path, and beyond. Flipping from page 4, 25 to 45 (if you can find it) is normal and it takes it toll on the players. So use the book and form your adventure from it. There is so much material, history, structure and fun behind this mess. I wish a professional writer would clean up this “adventure path” so we can enjoy it. Right now, Ulisses games are doing a very poor impression with this mess.

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The Dark Eye - The Blue Tome (Theater Knights II)
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