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The Dark Eye - The White Lake (Theater Knights I) €8,22
Publisher: Ulisses Spiele
by Pelle A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/25/2020 22:17:33

Interesting setting with some new gaming ideas. Not for the new GM… The rule system is complicated and fun. Obviously, a lot of information behind the whole world and the state of Bornland this year. I get the feeling that someone is living this world and telling the story. As a GM new to the world the dreamy description is not helping. Would have been useful for the GM to have a few paragraphs on what is going on in the south – why the nobles are gathering for war. My players did not follow the runaway slaves and I had a hard time persuading them not to kill Jaruslav when they first met him. They left he adventure halfway to go home to Festum. The storyline is thin. The material is not well structured. Plot info is sometimes in sidebars, stat blocks, or located at random in the adventure. If I’m not spending a few hours to prepare for each session, I spend half the time flipping back and forth finding bits of information. Excessive descriptions of NPCs: love/hate cheese, need new shoes, hate/love horses… These pages could have been used for story descriptions for the players. Very low on “read out aloud” parts to engage the players. Please put the stats for all NPCs and all monsters as appendices and keep the story clean. The concept of awakening is cool, but you cannot leave the GM in the dark. Not motivating to put another face on a tree/snow.

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The Dark Eye - The White Lake (Theater Knights I)
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