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Torg Eternity - Beta Clearance Player’s Primer Pay What You Want
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Torg Eternity - Beta Clearance Player’s Primer
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Torg Eternity - Beta Clearance Player’s Primer
Publisher: Ulisses Spiele
by Andre B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/27/2022 15:52:02

(apologies, you'll see my reviews for "torg eternity beta clearance player's primer" and " torg eternity beta clearance gm's primer) are almost identical ... this is because I feel the same thoughts and opinions apply to both products which, honestly, should be viewed as two parts of the same whole .. also worth noting the player version of this pdf is 11 pages long)

Honestly I see this more as the publisher saying " Darn it we hit our page limit on the core rules" and then being generous enough to publish this as additional content with a pay what you want price ... if you do purchase at the (admittedly low) suggested price you're basically giving a well deserved (in my opinion) tip to the publisher for being nice about it ... on the other hand if you've already purchased the core rules (which you probably have or else you wouldn't be looking to buy this) I would argue you can safely buy this at some ridiculously low price and just spend the saved money on one of the torg eternity cosm sourcebooks which I would argue are absolutely mandatory in order to properly run a good Torg Eternity campaign and enjoy the campaign setting the way it was meant to be enjoyed.. or just put it towards one of their prewritten adventures like say " Day One " or " The Fires of Ra" if you're a fan of prepublished adventures or simply don't have the time to write your own.

Basically this book expands on the role of Beta (as well as Alpha, Gamma and Delta and Omega) clearance which are basically descriptions of the PC's "levelling up" in terms of how much experience points they gain and the advantages of getting to the next "level" in game terms /// either gear or other advantages you can purchase from the ever-present Delphi Council ... which raises the interesting question of what happens if the player characters say " forget you Delphi Council we're going off on our own " .. or one of those ranks being a prerequisite to certain new perks described in this sourcebook .. the perks and the new gear part were a fun read for me..

Also very fun for me to read as a fan of the original Torg books from the 1990's was the in game description of exactly what happened to Quinn Sebastian (who is referred to very often throughout all the Torg books not the least of which is Torg Core Rules) ... basically his experience point total went off the charts after fighting the High Lords of his "universe" (for lack of a better phrase) to the point where he was able to literally "jump universes" , travelling to one (the one the campaign is set in) where the High Lords have more or less just begun their invasion and he can provide much needed advice and guidance having in effect " seen it all before " in the mostly similar universe he just came from.. or to put it another way imagine your Torg Eternity campaign reaching it's conclusion and then having one player character "jump" over to an entirely different Torg campaign that's starting from the very beginning and providing guidance to the PC's having to deal with all of this for the very first time.

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