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Torg Eternity - Living Land - Burden of Glory Pay What You Want
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Torg Eternity - Living Land - Burden of Glory
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Torg Eternity - Living Land - Burden of Glory
Publisher: Ulisses Spiele
by Andre B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/03/2022 14:16:53

This is a 20 page prepublished torg adventure module... I'm going to comment once again on how kind it is of the publisher to make this a "pay what you want" item ... personally I would run the "Day One" adventures (also very kindly marked as a pay what you want item by the publisher) first since this adventure seems to be intended to be run one year "game time" after the campaign starts though, as always, it's your campaign there's nothing that should stop you from running it early if you have a personal reason for this to take place earlier than planned.

WARNING, SPOILERS FOLLOW, IF YOU'RE A PLAYER DON'T READ THIS IT WILL JUST RUIN THE ADVENTURE FOR YOU !!!! The adventure does a great job of forcing the player into hard decisions since they're faced with three important things but there's no way you can pull off all three missions, you have to choose between them ... I suppose a kind gamesmaster could just hand wave it and let the player characters pull all three goals off - it really depends on the gamemaster's personal style and his/her gaming group... of course you risk ticked off players grumbling about exactly WHY or HOW COME they couldn't do all three things... you could just say all three events are taking place at or close to the same time but still from a player point of view I can see how this would get annoying. I'll be honest, even at the cost of enforcing realism in the spirit of hard choices (which in and by itself is a respectable goal) I tend to be a kind hearted GM and would personally probably let the players pull off all three goals despite the adventure stating otherwise but, again personal choice.

You can uproot a stelae which as TORG fans will know is a big deal, every one uprooted is a major victory for the "good guys" ... if you don't head for the stelae and deal with it right away basically it's mission failure - if you take care of the temple first (see below) it gives the Living Land's darkness device time to implant a back-up stelae... again personally I would "hand wave" this and let characters who investigate the temple first have a shot at taking out the stelae but just make it more difficult than normal (the tyranosaur's mate shows up there too , more redjaw edinos, if you're feeling particularly cruel TWO ravagons are there) and let the players know that going to the temple first gave the darkness device time to send in said reinforcements... they still have a chance to take out that stelae, reclaim that portion of land for core earth from the invaders and you still have the sense of "realism" going on in terms of consequences to the player actions.

I loved the temple (goal two) part not only due to it being an Orrosh zone (strange but true, you should have already purchased and read the TORG core rules and if you've read them then you know that nightmare trees from Orrosh can and will just plop themselves down into other cosms allowing for the nightmare reality to hold sway in unexpected places outside of say India (where Orrosh has invaded and the nightmare reality holds sway) for example.... but also loved it due to the call-out to the Akashans whom us old school TORG fans from the 1990's West End game publisher material are very familar with... the publisher is still crowdfunding the Pan Pacifica (TORG Eternity version of Nippon Tech) sourcebook so I'm guessing Akashan source material is way into the future but I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing how the publisher handles the human like space aliens with super advanced biotech (and the horrible secret and threat they bring with them if they keep that on from the original published material). The "beetle-guys" the player characters have to fight brought back fond memories as well and I'm sure they will be discussed in greater detail in upcoming Akashan material just as they were in the original 1990's TORG material.

And then there's goal three, defend the brave Core Earthers and their base in the Living Land from edinos attackers and their pet dinosaur... technically according to the adventure if you go for both the temple and the stelae you don't get back in time and automatic victory for the edinos attackers.. personally I would let the player characters make it back in time even if they went after the aforementioned previous two goals first (maybe throw reinforcements on the edinos side the players have to deal with and let them know it's a consquence of dealing with the other goals first) but GM's and gaming groups who prefer a more hard-edged "realistic" approach may not be a fan of this and appreciate the making the hard choices things and bleak consequences that take place if you pick one goal and not the other...

The adventure mentions that the player characters should automatically fail the remove the stelae goal if the gaming session in "real life" is about to end and they don't make a last ditch effort to pull everything off in time... while on the one hand the sense of urgency this creates due to timing definitely reinforces the "life is hard" realism sort of thing that certain GM's and gaming groups would appreciate, I'm personally inclined to show mercy to the players and simply pick things up where you left off last gaming session.. it's true it can create a certain sense of anti-climax if you're doing this incredibly dramatic stuff and it isn't resolved within a single game session but it also lets you mine the adventure for multiple gaming sessions and heads off potential player annoyance if your players prefer for life in the campaign not to be that "hard edged". Again it's a personal choice for your gamesmaster and gaming group..

Personally I'm not a fan of the "Sunset" orrosh card at the temple goal automatically causing the players to flat out lose out on being able to pursue either of the two remaining goals if they go for the temple first.. yes I know that "all is lost" sense of doom and gloom is very much in line with the Orrosh reality/cosm but I'm wincing just imaging the players grinding their teeth and snarling " So you're telling us we can't do it because of this stupid CARD that was just played?!?" .. ... and yes I know the cards have a major effect on gameplay anyways and I'm normally a big fan of that but this seems a bit cruel even by Orrosh standards. I would personally try to brainstorm some other horrible thing happening because it's "sunset"... maybe zombies (zombified humans and edinos who died there - maybe victims of the Horrorsaurus rex mentioned in the adventure and said rex alternates between eating a zombie and attacking a player character... then tell the player characters they can stay and fight ... or try and run past these shambling monstrosities towards the goals they still haven't fulfilled or the goals automatically fail due to lack of time (and you can bet the Horrorsaurus rex will be pursuing them all the while - it could actually be a fun addition to say uprooting the stelae or defending the core eather stronghold with the Horrorsaurus rex alternating between attacking the good guys and attacking the bad guys ).

Again this is all just a matter of personal preference rather than criticisms... overall I thought it was a fun, solid well written adventure and it was very kind of the publisher to make it a pay what you want item to boot ... definitely worth picking up whether at the recommended purchase price or less than that.

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