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Torg: Mysterious Cairo

Torg: Mysterious Cairo

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A Torg Roleplaying Game novel

by Ed Stark, Steven Brown, Greg Farshtey, Shane Lacy Hensley, Bill Slavicsek, Bill Smith, John Terra

Welcome to Cairo, City of Adventure

Come to the World of the Nile Empire, a world of high adventure, intrigue, and danger. Come to the city of Cairo, on the banks of the Great Nile. Here, pulp heroes fight against insane villains in the streets. Weird scientists, magicians, and occultists concoct incredible schemes to rob their enemies of more than just their lives... Cairo: City of adventure. City of heroes. City of Mystery.

Excerpt from the book, from ?Cry Havoc?:

As the four Knights leaped out the doorway, the planes fuel caught fire and exploded with a bright flash and a tremendous roar. The fiery hot air slammed into their necks and backs while they were in mid-air, the force of the explosion hurling the Knights dozens of feet across the field, at last bringing them to rest face down in the furrowed dirt.

Corey spat out a mouthful of soil. It had a bitter, rotten taste, a taste that seemed familiar but she could not place it. She noticed a smooth white patch of something sticking out of the ground. She brushed away the dirt, and gasped at the grisly human skull which stared back at her with all living eyes. Suddenly a pair of vine-covered skeletal arms shot from the dirt and seized the newswoman by the shoulders, as more figures erupted from the ground around her.

?Gospog!? she screamed, as she managed to unholster her sidearm and pump four rounds into the grinning skull. The creature loosed it grip and Corey leapt to her feet, only to find that her friends had made the exact same discovery, and were fighting for their lives against a shambling horde of dozens of the blasphemies ?

Originally published in softcover mass market format in 1992 by West End Games. Reformatted for better printing. More information about Torg: Roleplaying the Possibility Wars can be found at the West End Games Web site.

112-page, 8.5x11, one-color novel. No art.

We aslo recommend WEG 20601, Storm Knights; WEG 20602, The Dark Realm; WEG 20604, Strange Tales from the Nile Empire; WEG 20605, Dragons over England; WEG 20607, Out of Nippon; or WEG 20609, Interview with Evil.

Add this classic RPG to your collection - Torg is a genre-spanning rpg where fantasy, cyberpunk, pulp, etc. all mix together. Now complete available as PDF!

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August 2nd, 2007
I bought a PDF version of the book JUST so I could post this review. I wrote the story called "Dead End" in the book, but the last line of the story was changed by the editor--rending the title and entire story completely meaningless. [...]
August 30th, 2004
As all the TORG Novels are : A very fine product. If you want to capture the atmosphere of the new empire of the nile: Here it is in a nutshell. [...]
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