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Torg Introductory Pack
Regular price: €1,67
They came from other cosms, raiders joined together to steal the Earth's possibilities. They he brought with them their different realities, turning portons of our world into someplace else. ...
Torg Revised & Expanded
Regular price: €12,57
They came from other cosms, raiders joined together to steal the Earth's possibilities. They he brought with them their different realities, turning portons of our world into someplace else. The To...
Torg: A More Perfect Union
Regular price: €5,86
A More Perfect Union an adventure for Torg 1.5 Revised and Expanded The War is over, but the need for heroes is greater than ever. The United States, weary from a half deca...
Torg: Aysle
Regular price: €7,54
The Sourcebook of Magical Reality for the Torg Roleplaying Game by Greg Farshtey, Greg Gorden, Paul Murphy and Bill Slavicsek A magical land of wonder and dark sorcery on planet Earth... ...
Torg: Berlin Citybook
Regular price: €3,92
Welcome to a city torn between two realities - the swift and ruthless justice of the Nile Empire and the dark and bloody designs of the Tharkoldu techno-demons. Welcome to a city where everything is ...
Torg: Central Valley Gate
Regular price: €3,92
The Near Now. Welcome to Redside, stuck between the war fronts of the Living Land, Nippon Tech and Tharkold. This small town in California has managed to survive through persistence and determinat...
Torg: City of Demons
Regular price: €5,05
The Near Now. The Possibility Wars have taken a new turn, as the techno-horror realm of Tharkold reigns in Los Angeles. Now the threat of a bloody civil w...
Torg: Clerics’ Sourcebook
Regular price: €3,92
Ascend to the Miraculous Clerics – mysterious, powerful, and until now, the best-kept secret of the Possibility Wars. Now explore the awe-inspiring rites of those for whom faith is ...
Torg: Creatures of Aysle
Regular price: €3,92
Creatures once thought myths now stalk the realm of Aysle, a danger to all who live in that land. Now all that is known of these beasts has been gathered into one volume, a gallery of monsters only t...
Torg: Creatures of Orrorsh
Regular price: €2,51
The power of the Occult surges through the horrific realm of Orrorsh, creating the most hideous and terrifying monsters ever seen on Earth. This tome, compiled at great risk by the members of the S...
Torg: Creatures of Tharkold
Regular price: €3,92
From a world where inflicting pain is the greatest pleasure known come creatures of nightmare, agents of destruction whose only common trait is a love of bloodshed. Now the Race Warriors of Dzis have...
Torg: Crucible of Pain
Regular price: €3,92
A beautiful young woman at the mercy of a madman ... a creature from Orrorsh that preys on fear ... a Nile experiment gone horribly wrong, which threatens...
Torg: Cylent Scream
Regular price: €5,05
A Healer is among us. A Healer of our Bodies and our Souls. With his touch comes Peace ... and Rest ... And Death. In the Cyberpapacy, where the forces of the Cyberpop...
Torg: Dragons Over England
Regular price: €5,05
A Torg Roleplaying Game novel. Stories by Grant S. Boucher, Greg Farshtey, Doublas Kaufman, Lester Smith, Caroline Spector, Ed Stark, Lisa Stevens, and G. D. Swick. A new queen shares the throne ...
Torg: Full Moon Draw
Regular price: €5,05
Somewhere in the darkness, the Beast is turning cards. Their faces reveal the fates of millions of innocents – and only you can alter destiny and stop the evils <...
Torg: High Lord of Earth
Regular price: €2,51
The Near Now. As the Possibility Wars rage across the globe, Storm Knights valiantly battle the High Lords of the six invading realms. Now a new threat has arisen – one which m...
Torg: Infiniverse Campaign Game Update I
Regular price: €3,92
When Apeiros the Creator fled from the Destroyer, the Nameless One, worlds beyond worlds were created. Different realities separated and evolved. The Infiniverse was born. Now, some of these Infini...
Torg: Infiniverse Campaign Game Update II
Regular price: €3,92
The Infiniverse. Uncharted realities were created by Apeiros, with no knowledge of each other's existence, being born, evolving, struggling, and dying all at once and not at all. More than just dista...
Torg: Infiniverse Campaign Game Update III
Regular price: €5,86
Earth has been a battleground for four years, site of a war between valiant Storm Knights and increasingly desperate and dangerous High Lords. And now the conflict builds toward its climax – wi...
Torg: Infiniverse Newsletter Compiled #1-40
Regular price: €2,80
They came from other cosms - other realities - raiders joined together to steal the Earth’s living energy ... to consume its possibilities. These Possibility Raiders brought with them their own...
Torg: Interview With Evil
Regular price: €2,51
Title: Torg: Interview with Evil Product ID: WEG 20609 System: Torg Audience: T Price: $3.00 Description: A Torg Roleplaying Game novel by John Terra At last... the Gaunt Man speaks! The master...
Torg: Kanawa Heavy Weapons
Regular price: €3,92
Bigger Problems? Bigger Weapons. We at Hachiman Arms Division know you would never start trouble. Sadly, the world is full of trouble willing to start with you. For those extreme circ...
Torg: Kanawa Land Vehicles
Regular price: €3,92
You know the situation: the High Lords have the world by the throat, and only you and your band of Storm Knights have any chance of stopping their plans
Torg: Kanawa Personal Weapons
Regular price: €2,51
Arms Catalog for the Possibility Wars by Nigel Findley It's a dangerous world out there, and growing worse every day. If you're going to challenge cyberpriests, edeinos, and Nile villains,...
Torg: Los Angeles Citybook
Regular price: €3,92
The City of Angels has become a City of Demons, as Tharkoldu battle Nippon agents and invader gangs vie for supremacy in the streets. Now the Storm Knights of Tempest Fugitive present a guide to L.A....
Torg: Mysterious Cairo
Regular price: €3,92
A Torg Roleplaying Game novel by Ed Stark, Steven Brown, Greg Farshtey, Shane Lacy Hensley, Bill Slavicsek, Bill Smith, John Terra Welcome to Cairo, City of Adventure Come to the World o...
Torg: Nippon Tech
Regular price: €3,92
A realm of intrigue, deception and death comes to Earth ... The Possibility Wars spread across the face of Earth in the Near Now, twisting and transforming...
Torg: No Quarter Given
Regular price: €3,92
Two groups of Storm Knights, drawn to Orrorsh by parallel lines of fate. Puppets of the Gaunt Man toy with their hearts, their minds, their fears, and their lives. One group may live, but the othe...
Torg: Operation: Hard Sell
Regular price: €3,92
The Near Now. The Possibility Wars rage on, but this time the battle is on the West Coast. The participants are Nippon Tech and the Living Land. Caught in the middle ar...
Torg: Orrorsh
Regular price: €2,51
The Gaunt Man knows you want to live ... He created Eternal Corruption. You may exist forever, if you serve him. To serve him, you hunt down those who oppo...
Torg: Out of Nippon
Regular price: €5,05
A Torg Roleplaying Game novel by Nigel Findley Everyone loves a good mystery... But when Nikki Carlson, an American scientist, took a position with the Nagara corporation, she hadn?t pla...
Torg: Pixaud's Practical Grimoire
Regular price: €3,92
Before Uthorion, before Ardinay, there was Pixaud... Pixaud's Practical Grimoire was the life's work of Pixaud, Second Dean of the Academy of the Four Towers. Inside the Grimoire are: • Over...
Torg: Queenswrath
Regular price: €7,54
"By Order of Pella Ardinay, Lady of the Light ... " So begins each of the documents called Queenswraths, proclamations calling all knights of honor to do battle with the forces ...
Torg: Ravagons
Regular price: €3,92
The Near Now. The Possibility Wars boast many fierce and powerful fighters, but none so feared as the ravagons. Now learn the secrets of the Gaunt Man's most awesome lieutenants. Tz'R...
Torg: Relics of Power I: The Destiny Map
Regular price: €5,05
In the Near Now, Earth has been invaded by raiders from other dimensions. These armies of evil bring with them their own realities, different from our own, turning port...
Torg: Relics of Power II: The Possibility Chalice
Regular price: €3,92
The Near Now. Earth is gripped by the Possibility Wars , as Storm Knights fight to stem the sweeping tide of invading realities. At the center of this battle are the fabled eternity shards –...
Torg: Relics of Power III: The Forever City
Regular price: €2,80
It is the time of the Possibility Wars. Fierce reality storms wrack the Earth, hurtling contradictory realities against each other in a maelstrom of destruction. In the...
Torg: Space Gods
Regular price: €5,05
They have come from beyond our cosm. But do they bring Earth's salvation ... or its ultimate doom? The Possibility Wars spread across the face of Earth i...
Torg: Strange Tales from the Nile Empire
Regular price: €3,92
A Torg roleplaying game novel. Stories by Greg Farshtey, Matt Forbeck, Greg Gorden, Douglas Kaufman, Christopher Kubasik, Kevin Stein, Stewart Wieck, and Ray Winninger.   From deep in the ...
Torg: Terra
Regular price: €4,18
Where Reality is High Adventure When the evil Dr. Mobius invaded Earth, he brought weird science, Egyptiona occult, and a host of pulp villains and heroes along with him. His invasion caused...
Torg: Tharkold
Regular price: €2,80
Hollywood has always been a tough town. Now it’s hell. So are Compton and Burbank. Not to mention Forest Lawn Cemetery. Tharkoldu descend on Los Angeles for vengeance on Kan...
Torg: The Cassandra Files
Regular price: €2,80
The Near Now. As the Possibility Wars rage across the globe, Core Earth United States has come under the control of the Delphi Council, a special task force made up of scientists, mi...
Torg: The Character Collection
Regular price: €2,80
A Storm Knight party is only as good as its members. Now the mysterious Guildmaster has assembled the files on some of the most experienced heroes and most dangerous villains of the Possibility Wa...
Torg: The Cyberpapacy
Regular price: €5,05
The Sourcebook of Cyber-Religious Reality for the Torg Roleplaying Game by Jim Bambra The Cyber Catechism What is cyberware? Cyberware is the body of our Lord incarnate. T...
Torg: The Delphi Council Worldbook I
Regular price: €5,05
The sourcebooks for Torg: Roleplaying the Possibility Wars are many and varied. They span every genre from prehistoric adventure settings to a medieval fantasy realm to cybertech action and...
Torg: The Gaunt Man Returns
Regular price: €5,05
The Near Now. Two years ago, a band of intrepid Storm Knights trapped the Gaunt Man within a powerful reality storm. Now the master of the horror realm of Orrorsh, the most powerful High Lord of a...
Torg: The GodNet
Regular price: €2,80
Your fingers dance across the keyboard of your cyberdeck as you load an interface program. You check the wires running from the side of your head to the unit, making sure the connection is secure. Yo...
Torg: The High Lords’ Guide to the Possibility Wars
Regular price: €5,05
Revealed at last – the secrets to gamemastering the Possibility Wars and running the realms of Torg. Learn what unique challenges lie in wait for gamemasters in each realm and how you can ov...
Torg: The Land Below
Regular price: €5,05
It started only days after the invasion. Deep in the planet's interior, hidden from prying eyes, the caverns were created. The caverns went down for miles, reaching to every corner of the Ea...
Torg: The Living Land
Regular price: €5,05
Earth is at war, and reality hangs in the balance ... ln the turbulent Near Now of Earth's history, our world is plunged into the reality-changing Possibility Wars. Large areas...
Torg: The Nile Empire
Regular price: €5,05
Earth is transformed into a reality inspired by a madman's dreams ... The Possibility Wars erupt in the Near Now of Earth's history, shattering our reality and changing ...
Torg: The Storm Knights’ Guide to the Possibility Wars
Regular price: €2,80
The Possibility Wars began when seven hostile realities attempted to invade Core Earth. Only six of the seven made it to Earth – the seventh was repelled b...
Torg: The Temple of Rec Stalek
Regular price: €5,05
The Near Now. While the Possibility Wars continue to spread, a twisted edeinos bent on revenge hatches a plot that could change the face of the Living Land forever. Calling upon the power of a dar...
Torg: Tokyo Citybook
Regular price: €2,80
Enter a world of shadows, where nothing is as it seems and death lurks around every corner. Welcome to the city of Tokyo, seat of power for 3327 and the realm of Nippon Tech, where ninja haunt the da...
Torg: War's End
Regular price: €5,05
The final battle has begun For five years, the Possibility Wars have raged across the globe. Now, at last, the Storm Knights face their greatest challenge, the battle that will save the worl...
Torg: When Axioms Collide
Regular price: €5,05
The Near Now. As the Possibility Wars turn realms against each other, an Orrorshan Nightmare seizes control of a portion of the GodNet with a diabolical plan to use the Cyberpapacy's greatest weap...

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