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Torg: Kanawa Personal Weapons
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Torg: Kanawa Personal Weapons

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Arms Catalog for the Possibility Wars

by Nigel Findley

It's a dangerous world out there, and growing worse every day. If you're going to challenge cyberpriests, edeinos, and Nile villains, you need the most lethal and efficient weaponry available, and you need it now. That's why the Kanawa Corporation's Hachiman Arms Division exists - to make sure you outgun your enemies, no matter what realm you call home.

In these times, more than ever, a person is judged by the weapon he wields. Whether it's a handgun, automatic weapon, cyberpistol, or explosive device, the Kanawa Personal Weapons catalog has what you need to be successful on the battlefields of the Possibilities Wars (or almost any other war). In these pages, you'll find projectile arms for nearly all technological levels, including the latest breakthroughs from the advanced Kanawa labs.

Each entry comes complete with the weapon's background and a history, as well as comments from our crack team of arms experts. Your enemies may have ordered already - can you afford to wait?

This supplement is designed as a companion to Torg: Roleplaying the Possibility Wars, but mechanics have been also added for games using the D6 System. It features descriptions, prices and game statistics for over 70 firearms, cyberweapons, lasers, explosives, and espionage armaments, plus a bonus list of over 70 additional melee weapons, missile weapons, and guns of all sizes. Additionally, there are D6 System Classic and D6 System Legend adaptations of several Torg game mechanics.

Original printing: 1991. Requires the Torg: Roleplaying the Possibility Wars Starter Set (WEG 20501) or a D6 System-based rulebook (such as the D6 System Rulebook, WEG 51005), both available directly from West End Games. More information about Torg: Roleplaying the Possibility Wars can be found at the West End Games Web site.

88-page, one-color, 8.5x11" sourcebook. Format has been minimally modified from original version. You can download a PDF of the cover (2 meg) at the WEG Web site.

Add this classic RPG to your collection - Torg is a genre-spanning rpg where fantasy, cyberpunk, pulp, etc. all mix together. Now complete available as PDF!

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June 10th, 2005
I already owned the hardcopy for this product, but the PDF promised some new rules for adapting it to d6. As such, these rules were done well and would probably plug straight into a d6 campaign. As far as the rest of the content, it's probably good if [...]
May 24th, 2004
Mainly purchased it to fill a gap while I wait for the official D6 Weapons book. [...]
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